This year is better! Yes, i’m in a clinical depression,and yes, i’m still dealing with the ThingThatShallNotBeNamed, but this year is better.

I’m looking up, and the world and all the people in it are still being who they are and doing what they do. The difference is me. I did the work and the result is that i’ve changed. My thoughts, my perspective, my routine (or lack thereof). I have goals, both small and not-so-small, and i have consistently taken steps forward – no matter what. The result is i’ve changed, or more accurately put, i’m evolving.

I know myself better and as a result, i’m spending less time and energy on minutiae, and instead investing it in broadening my mind and developing my potential. Goal achievement is my focus this year.

I invite you to get in, buckle up, and pick something we can car-dance to… It’s gonna be a fun ride, and i brought snacks!

Life As Me

I’ve been struggling with mood.
It’s crap. It may not seem like it, but i feel like crap and the world seems crappy.

I want to dive into a bottle or a tub of ice cream.
I want to hide in bed but i can’t – i’m dreaming all night long. It’s a sign that my Peanut Gallery is agitated.
I know it. I know why, too. The why doesn’t fix things, though. The only fix there is, is to keep moving.
Not frenetic. Not a beautiful interpretive dance. Not drill or a colour guard. No knee-scraping mortifications necessary.

Just one foot in front of the other, no cadence, no pacing, no ETA.
I’m not looking up right now. Honestly, i don’t care to see the scenery. I’m in a mood where everything seems overcast and everyone’s tainted.
I know what this is about and it’s not helping. There’s no…

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